At Waiting Child Fund, we envision a child welfare system in Ohio where:

  • Foster care is temporary or short term
  • Children and families are empowered to find solutions to the problems they face
  • Direct service providers and social workers can establish and maintain a culture of innovation and excellence
  • All stakeholders prioritize permanency in each decision made on behalf of a child and his/her family

How do we do this?

Assessment: We work with agency leadership to determine the current state of permanency practice within your organization.  Our approach is designed to capture staff attitudes, beliefs, and practice behaviors to determine alignment with agency mission, vision, and culture.

Teaming: We take both a top-down and bottom-up approach.  Starting with the leadership team, we work to develop a collective vision upon which the desired permanency practice will be built.  The leadership team is then joined by staff and supervisors to create a group of champions who will lead the change.

Design: Building upon the assessment data and agency strengths, we facilitate the design of services which will increase the permanency outcomes for your families and children.  We incorporate your existing agency initiatives with innovative permanency practice models from around the county.

Implementation: Moving from design to implementation requires the creation of agency-specific materials and fidelity measures.  Everyone at the agency must have a common framework for the new practice model or services.  We help through initial education and communication and provide ongoing guidance and coaching.

Evaluation and Support: Evaluation is conducted throughout the implementation process and is designed to provide support and feedback to improve outcomes.  We take a qualitative and quantitative look at what is working, the anticipated and unanticipated barriers, and help you to implement the recommended changes.