Permanent Connections
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Permanent Connections

“Permanency” is a term used in the child welfare field to describe the establishment of lifelong connections for youth in foster care.  At the Waiting Child Fund we have worked with our partner agencies to develop a formal definition of permanency and commitment to lifelong connections:

Definition of Permanency

Permanency is a formal relationship with at least one adult who provides love, safety, consistency, and unconditional commitment in one of the following forms:

  • Reunification
  • Legal Guardianship/Custody
  • Adoption

Our Commitment to Life-long Permanent Connections

We believe that permanency is more than just a stable placement in foster care or planned permanent living arrangement (PPLA).  Our primary goal is to achieve permanency for every child.  In the event that we are unsuccessful in fulfilling the goal of permanency, our minimum commitment is that every youth who emancipates from our care will have:

  • Connections

Former foster youth repeatedly state that a lifelong connection and a relationship with a supportive and committed adult, related by blood or not, is one of the key factors associated with their resilience and the single greatest impact on their ability to navigate the transition to adulthood.

  •  Sibling Relationships

Youth who leave foster care with strong sibling relationships have higher levels of social support, self-esteem, income, and adult sibling relationships than those who did not.

  •  Support Plan

A youth-driven written agreement among a team of committed adults, which specifically outlines the roles of the adults who are making the life-long commitment to provide support to the youth beyond the age of eighteen.

Read more about how we put our definition of permanency and committment to lifelong connections to work HERE.

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